( 1915 - 1990 )
President of UPB 1972 - 1988

C. Y. Christov was born on 12 June 1915 in Varna. In 1938 he graduated physics and mathematics in Sofia University. Since that time nearly 50 years of his life are closely connected to Sofia University. He is subsequently an assistant-professor, an associated professor and in 1951 a full professor in theoretical phjysics.

He is the first to start teaching the basic courses of Mathematical Methods in Physics and Electrodynamics in the Faculty of Physics. He is a dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (1958-1960) and retor of Sofia University (1973-1974).

Since 1961 he is a regular member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Christo Y. Christov organizes theoretical physics in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1948). He founds the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy and is constantly its director for 17 years.

He is also vice-president of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1973-1977).

C. Y. Christov spends much efforts for the international contacts of Bulgarian physicists, being an enthusiast of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna ever since its foundation. He is its vice-director for two years (1968-1970). and for many years representative of Bulgaria in its International Council.

Christov has considerable scientificcontributions in Quantum and Classical Mechanics, axiomatics and selected topics in Mathematics. He was the first to introduce the concepts of asymptotic numbers and functions.

He is an author of more than 80 scientific publications and of two of the best university textbooks in Bulgaria.

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