The Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria is a successor of the traditions of the Bulgarian Physical and Mathematical Society (BPMS), founded in Sofia in February 1898 and closed in 1950.

In 1960 BPMS was re-established with sections in all regional towns.

In 1971 BPMS was split to Bulgarian Physical Society (BPS) and Bulgarian Mathematical Society (BMS).

On 25 November 1989 BPS was reorganized to Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria (UPB).

The UPB is a non-governmental organization which unifies the professional physicists in Bulgaria.

The main goal of the UPB is to support and co-ordinate the activities of its members in fundamental and applied research, industry, medical physics, environmental protection, secondary and university education in physics and to popularize the achievements in physical sciences all over the society.

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