Follow-up event of the International Festival Science on Stage 2019
1 - 2 February 2020 High School Vasil Levski, Sevlievo

On 1 and 2 of February, a follow-up event of the International Festival Science on Stage 2019 was held in Sevlievo. It was organized by the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria (UPB) and High School Vasil Levski, Sevlievo. Following the motto From Teachers to Teachers and Physics to Everyone the organizers presented the results of the teachers' activities on the topic of the forum. To the participants STEM teachers from different parts of our country, science was presented through attractive experiments and lectures.

The forum was opened by Prof. Anna Georgieva, Vice-Chairman of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria and Chairman of the National Steering Committee of the Science on Stage Bulgaria.

The Italian teacher Federico Andreoletti presented a workshop demonstrating various physical phenomena through fun experiments with water as part of his project Beyond the Water presented at the International Science on Stage 2019 festival in Portugal. Two of them were of particular interest to the participants cleaning oil stains and forming a large soap bubble. Both experiments can be presented to children, who do not study physics yet, and their explanation is based on the phenomenon of polarization of light from a thin plate. Particularly useful was the opportunity for each participant to reproduce the experiments by themselves.

Also of interest to the participants was the introduction of the large-scale FRONTIERS project, by Nikola Karavasilev, a teacher from Sofia Mathematics High School and Izzi Science for Kids Private School. The project is an international educational platform, aimed to popularize the scientific discoveries, including those of the Nobel laureates, to students and teachers. The platform enables each teacher to publish their own experience on innovative teaching methods.

Prof. Ivan Lalov delivered a lecture entitled The World of Physics, which outlined pedagogical approaches by which physics educators can increase the interest of students in the subject by revealing the links of physics with real life and the broad horizons of modern science.

Upcoming events organized by the UPB were presented during the forum.

  • The journal World of Physics, 4th issue of which was distributed to some of the participants in the forum. (Prof. Anna Georgieva).
  • The 48th National Conference of Physics Education and the Scientific Session for students held during the conference (Penka Lazarova).
  • Presentation of best teaching practices on the Physics for Everyone project (Milka Djidzhova).
All participants left the forum enriched with new knowledge, skills and friendships, loaded with energy and a willingness to continue their work in promoting physics.

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